2 Tips to Make a Sustainable Bathroom

//2 Tips to Make a Sustainable Bathroom

As you may well know, a major shift has occurred in the way we look at our impact on the environment. That being said, everyone needs to do their part and be more conscious of their role. Now, the modern bathroom is probably one of the most essential innovations developed in history. Put simply, it is something that most people would be unable to live without. However, as we address our most basic needs, we cannot lose sight of the bigger picture.

This article tries to impart some valuable lessons on its readers by giving them a couple of simple tips to make their bathrooms more eco-friendly. These require little to no technical skills so you shouldn’t have a hard time giving them a try.

Replace those Light Bulbs

One of the first things you can do to make your bathroom more environmentally sound is to immediately replace all your light bulbs with LEDs. They are the most eco-friendly option out there, easily beating out competitors in every criterion. It comes with very few drawbacks while offering users a whole range of benefits.

For instance, these LED bulbs have been known to last as much as 40 times longer than their predecessors, the conventional incandescent bulbs. At the same time, LEDs are known to significantly cut down on power usage, giving you savings of up to 90 percent. Needless to say, that should offset the higher initial investment required by these light bulbs. While they are a bit more expensive than incandescent bulbs, their lifespan and efficiency should convince you that they are worth the investment.

Now, some homeowners are very particular with the type of light they want in a particular section of their house. The warm light of the incandescent bulbs is perhaps their biggest allure, aside from their seemingly cheap price tag. However, it is worth noting that LEDs now come in a whole range of colors and color temperatures. This means that you can achieve that desired look for your bathroom  while staying true to your eco-friendly plans.

Put in Flow Limiters for Your Showers

One of the culprits for water wastage in your home is the shower. This is hardly surprising considering the fact that its job is to constantly spew water at its user. While incredibly therapeutic and relaxing, taking long showers can not only hike up your water bill, it can also be incredibly bad for the environment. That is why homeowners should take note that there are certain steps you can take to offset this problem.

One of the most obvious solutions would be to install flow limiters for your shower. As you have probably surmised, these handy accessories will help prevent unnecessary water wastage by reducing the flow of water coming from your showerhead, thus helping you achieve a greater sense of control over your water use.

This article presents readers with two incredibly simple tips to help them transform their bathrooms into eco-friendly spaces. They are incredibly simple and well worth your time, so give them a try today!