A Step By Step Guide to Changing Your Address

//A Step By Step Guide to Changing Your Address

When you move home, you will have a lot to think about. Packing may seem like the biggest challenge – along with finding new doctors, schools, good takeaways to replace the ones that you’re moving away from, vets, and other service providers. The paperwork, however, can take up a lot more time than people think.

Update Address With Company And Agencies

Most of us have dozens of agencies and companies that we need to update our addresses with, and it will take some time to update them all. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up mail forwarding for a couple of months, so that you can be confident that any important mail will still reach you. It’s inevitable that you will overlook one or two companies, and that you’ll get a quick reminder to update your address with them when the redirected mail comes through.

When it comes to changing your address, you should start with the mail that you simply cannot afford to miss, that’s things like your employer (especially if you get your paycheck in the post!), the local authority, tax man, and government agencies, as well as any benefits, student loans and other financial dealings that you have.

Update Your Address In All Your Bank Account

Be sure to get your credit card, bank account and loan providers to update your address immediately. If you fail to redirect that mail then the person that moves into your old property could take over those accounts, or use the letters that they get to start building up enough information about you to allow them to open other lines of credit in your name.

Once you’ve covered those “mission critical” contacts, you can start looking at changing your address with other providers. Naturally, when you set up your utility accounts in your new home you will cancel the ones that were for the old address. There are some services that you might take with you without thinking, though – such as MiFi accounts, your mobile phone, car insurance, medical insurance, etc. Make sure that you update these so that all bills and policy documents are sent to the new address.

Update Address Online Shopping Sites

Another thing that often gets overlooked is online shopping. So many companies now have a one-click ordering system similar to Amazon’s, which means that you can just click to buy and not have to worry about entering longwinded payment details and addresses. If you don’t want to be sending unexpected gifts to the person that just bought your house, get in the habit of checking the shipping details for your favourite online shopping platforms. After a few months you will likely have hit them all and you’ll be able to shop without worrying about addresses again.

There are printable address checklists that will help you to hit most of the common companies that store your addresses Рthings like cards, bank accounts, utilities, loyalty schemes, magazine subscriptions, and sports clubs. Set aside an afternoon to work through that checklist, and your move should turn out to be a relatively hassle free experience. For more information Click here