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Bathroom Remodeling: EcoBathroom

Did you know that approximately 150 liters of water a day is used for each person? Ever since 1930, the use of water has increased 1% every year. People are unaware of the volume of water being used in their houses. Thus, a solution has been laid out for the people. It is to install a sustainable eco-friendly bathroom. To remodel your bathroom into an EcoBathroom, there are five important areas that need to be improved. Nonetheless, your bathroom design is

Measures to Reduce the Environmental Impact

Everything we do has an impact on the environment, even in the accessories and items that we use in our houses can create an impact. In the bathroom, it can be the items you have or the cleaning products that you use. You will be surprised by how the right accessory or item in the bathroom can make a large difference in our environment. There are a lot of choices to choose from to reduce the environmental impact. Bathrooms now use a

Cleaning products and the Environment

Having an EcoBathroom entails an eco-friendly cleaning product. Eco-friendly products are better than chemically made cleaning products. Also, your health depends on these products. These cleaning products contain a potentially dangerous chemical that is bad for our health and the environment. Why? Some of the remnants will stay in the bathroom which might cause adverse effects to your health, and some of the remnants are flushed and has the potential to build up toxins that can affect the quality of the

Safe Substitutes for Cleaning Products

We clean our home with cleaning products we are not 100% sure to be non-toxic and free from potential health risks. The people who joined the movement of going green looks for the “natural” and “pure” labels in the products. These products claim that it does not contain any toxic ingredients. However, you can be 100% sure if you use the basic ingredients that you can find at home. The basic ingredients that you can find in the kitchen are listed

The Risk of Cleaning Products

Due to the safety test, we assume that these cleaning products are safe. However, some of these household cleaners are toxic and pose a great risk to our health. Household chemicals are one of the health concerns that we are exposed over our lifetime. These chemicals build up and cause harm to our health. Exposure to these chemicals can be reduced and avoided. Here are the common household cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals. Phthalates: This chemical is found in air fresheners

2 Tips to Making Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Green is most definitely in as more and more people are becoming conscious of their carbon footprint. That is why, as a homeowner, making your bathroom eco-friendly should become one of your top priorities. This article presents readers with a couple of simple tips to help them do just that. In particular, it presents some of the smart and easy changes you can do to your bathroom to make it a more environmentally friendly space. Don’t be afraid to give these

How to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, people are becoming aware of the urgent need to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. That is why it is hardly surprising that more and more people are making the switch towards eco-friendly home design. This article presents readers with a couple of specific ways to help them make that move. Water Solutions for Your Toilet Getting rid of your old toilet is a great starting point if you wish to start greening your bathroom. Little do people know, these toilets

EcoBathroom: Low-flow Toilet and Showerhead

Home improvement has been a great leap for homeowners. Inside our houses, the bathroom is much like the kitchen, wherein water is used for everyday activities. The water consumed by toilet use is approximately 27%, this makes more than the water usage of shower, dishwasher and washing machines. It is best to install or replace your toilet with a low-flow toilet. A low-flow toilet is the best option to start an eco-friendly bathroom. Newly constructed homes are installed highly efficient low-flow toilets.

EcoBathroom Floors: Is Bamboo Flooring the BEST Choice?

Having a hard time choosing what is the best bathroom floor there is? Well, we are here to help you in deciding the best bathroom floor for your bathroom’s style and comfort. We will be discussing the best choice for bathroom flooring, we will tackle its advantages and also some disadvantages as well. Most bathrooms are used with tiles. However, there is a recent movement that homeowners are using bamboo flooring in their bathrooms, although it requires frequent and heavy cleaning. Just

2 Tips to Make a Sustainable Bathroom

As you may well know, a major shift has occurred in the way we look at our impact on the environment. That being said, everyone needs to do their part and be more conscious of their role. Now, the modern bathroom is probably one of the most essential innovations developed in history. Put simply, it is something that most people would be unable to live without. However, as we address our most basic needs, we cannot lose sight of the