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How to Build an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

As you may have probably noticed an eco-friendly craze has been sweeping the interior design market. This has been a long time coming as more and more people are coming to terms with the fact that Needless to say, as responsible homeowners, we all want to do our respective parts in this noble endeavor. Readers should know that a great place to start would be the bathroom. This article presents readers with a couple of easy-to-follow tips to help them make

Dual Flush Toilets: Functions and Environmental Benefits

The toilet is the most important thing in the bathroom. But, how can we have an eco-friendly toilet for our bathroom? The dual flush toilet is the answer. The dual flush toilet is a type of toilet that uses two handles or buttons that can flush different quantity of water. The system of the dual flush toilet was proposed by Victor Papanek in 1976 and was designed in 1980 by the Caroma Company. The dual flush toilet has been used in some