Bathroom Remodeling: EcoBathroom

//Bathroom Remodeling: EcoBathroom

Did you know that approximately 150 liters of water a day is used for each person? Ever since 1930, the use of water has increased 1% every year. People are unaware of the volume of water being used in their houses. Thus, a solution has been laid out for the people. It is to install a sustainable eco-friendly bathroom.

To remodel your bathroom into an EcoBathroom, there are five important areas that need to be improved. Nonetheless, your bathroom design is still on the trend.

Natural and recyclable materials should be used. These materials can last for how many decades. It does not wear out, unlike the fiberglass and acrylic materials. More so, the bathroom fittings and decorations look good when they are made from recycled or recyclable materials.

Use dual flush toilets that can reduce the flush volumes and toilet water consumption. These models are built to have more flush power but use less water. Dual flush toilets have a two-button system. Thus, this can use only 3 to 6 liters of water. Moreover, these are more clean and sanitary than other toilet models.

Use LED light bulbs. This is the best eco-friendly option to have an eco-friendly bathroom. LED light bulbs to have a quite number of benefits than its disadvantages. It only uses less power and lasts longer than the conventional incandescent bulbs. Although LED light bulbs are expensive than the incandescent bulbs, it is still more efficient. Moreover, LED light bulbs are customizable, it can be set in what color or color temperature. You can match it with your mood.

Install showers and faucets with an aerator. An aerator helps the efficiency of the faucet and shower, it strains and cleans the water into a separate stream while mixing it with air. The effect of this can reduce the water flow but the water is provided in the same pressure. The conventional faucets can expense 15 liters of water per minute, it is reduced by 7 liters with the aerator.

Install a flow limiters for your shower and thermostatic mixer taps. These are designed to control the water usage and reduce water shortage. The difference might not be noticeable at first, but there is a big difference in the water usage.

Moreover, if you are planning to renovate the woods around your bathroom, make sure to pick a wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Commercial logging has disturbed the biodiversity of the forest and habitats. The distinctive logo of the Forest Stewardship Council denotes that the wood products came from a forest that has been managed and taken care of.

It is our duty to protect Mother Nature. We should maintain the trees and environment. Remodeling your bathroom might be a small act of being eco-friendly, but it is really a big impact on the environment.

Do not choose disposable materials. Choose high-quality products at a competitive price, these materials are sustainable and efficient. Make a lifetime difference to the environment.