Dual Flush Toilets: Functions and Environmental Benefits

//Dual Flush Toilets: Functions and Environmental Benefits

The toilet is the most important thing in the bathroom. But, how can we have an eco-friendly toilet for our bathroom? The dual flush toilet is the answer.

The dual flush toilet is a type of toilet that uses two handles or buttons that can flush different quantity of water. The system of the dual flush toilet was proposed by Victor Papanek in 1976 and was designed in 1980 by the Caroma Company.

The dual flush toilet has been used in some countries like New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, and Australia. However, it is expensive than the other types of toilets.

By the year 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported that the increased use of water has lead to water shortages and inefficient water management. Thus, the dual flush toilet is being used today.

Amid the cost and complexity of the mechanism of the dual flush toilet, their interest in this type of toilet increased. The nation has focused on the conservation of the environment through the process of elimination. The dual flush toilet can reduce the water shortage in half compared with the traditionally used toilets.

The mechanism of the dual flush toilet is different from other types of toilet. It does not rely on the siphon-flush feature that depends on the gravity to eliminate waste from the toilet. The siphon-flush feature needs more water to function and has a longer waterline, unlike the dual flush toilet.

What makes it better than any type of toilet is its main feature, the two button system. The buttons release two different volumes of water, the first button releases 3 liters of water, while the other button releases 6 liters of water. The lesser volume of water is intended for liquid waste and the larger volume of water is intended for the solid waste.

The dual flush toilet is considered to be a high-efficiency toilet. Its mechanism has been promoted due to its capability to reduce water usage. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that if every traditional toilet is replaced with the dual flush toilet, there would be 2 billion gallons of water saved every day. Aside from the benefit, it gives to the environment, the dual flush toilet has other advantages.

The dual flush toilet can efficiently save money. Water usage holds the largest portion of the household costs. It needs a small amount of water volume for its usage. Thus, it can save a significant amount of the water bill.

Dual flush toilet only requires low maintenance. Its feature has a trap door that opens and flushes the waste with its specified volume of water. As it eliminates the water out of the bowl fast and efficient, it also reduces the use of plungers and plumbing services.

The water shortage has increased, the dual flush toilet is needed to take action to the concerns of the environment. Replace conventional toilets and install dual flush toilets. Let us help the conservation of water through utilizing water management policies.