EcoBathroom Floors: Is Bamboo Flooring the BEST Choice?

//EcoBathroom Floors: Is Bamboo Flooring the BEST Choice?

Having a hard time choosing what is the best bathroom floor there is? Well, we are here to help you in deciding the best bathroom floor for your bathroom’s style and comfort. We will be discussing the best choice for bathroom flooring, we will tackle its advantages and also some disadvantages as well.

Most bathrooms are used with tiles. However, there is a recent movement that homeowners are using bamboo flooring in their bathrooms, although it requires frequent and heavy cleaning.

Just like the hardwoods, the bamboo has its own disadvantages too.

Bamboos are woody grass, it grows naturally in a humid and wet environment. Thus, bamboos do not have an advantage against hardwoods in terms of moisture-resistance.

Most bamboo floorings are most likely constructed the same way as they construct hardwood floorings. It is made from solid-core and engineered versions. The surface layer is attached to the underlying layers of the wood materials.
The bamboo floorings are made in planks or strips just like the hardwoods are made. However, no matter how strongly-built the surface finish on the bamboo plank or strips, the water will seep through between the floorboards.

As a result, the core of the floorboards will be damaged since the flooring’s of the core is less moisture-resistant than the surface veneer.

The bamboo planks contract and expand when exposed to heat and moisture. This is not a new disadvantage to hardwood and bamboo floorings. Moreover, when damages and scratches appear on bamboo floorings it cannot be refinished.

However, there are few advantages of the bamboo over hardwood.

Even though there are quite disadvantages of having bamboo as your bathroom’s floorboard, there are also few advantages of bamboo floorings. Unlike hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring is more resistant to moisture. It can be achieved through careful maintenance and installation. It should be taken care more than a ceramic or vinyl flooring.

There are premium bamboos being sold at a competitive price, but with a thicker and more solid surface layer.
Manufacturers recommend maintaining the humidity level of 40 to 60 percent for baths and sho wers. They warn not to wet-mop and apply treatment cleaning materials to the floorboard, these processes can easily damage the bamboo floorings. When there spilling instances, it should be wiped with a dry towel.

Bamboos can be finished on the site, polyurethane, and surface- forming finish are used to seal the seams between the floorboards. However, these protective layers cannot seal the in-between of the bamboo floorboards. Overall, the bamboo is a nice material to use in the bathroom. It will bring a striking and environmentally friendly look in your bathroom.

Before you decide to have a bamboo flooring installed for your bathroom, you have to make sure of the manufacturer. You have known and understood the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring already, thus you should choose a reputable manufacturer that can perfectly install the floorboards to prevent serious damages in the future.