Home Treatments And Remedies For Dandruff Sufferers

//Home Treatments And Remedies For Dandruff Sufferers

Do you suffer from dry, flaky skin on your scalp? Does the dandruff keep you from being able to enjoy your life, because you always have a nagging worry in the back of your head that you have flakes on your shoulders? Are you interested in regaining control over your scalp health so that you don’t have to worry about dandruff any longer? If so, then you should try out these treatments and home remedies that are sure to give you some relief!

Use Right Hair Care Products

First of all, you need to make sure that you are using the right hair care products. If you are lathering up every morning with a smelly dandruff shampoo, stop. After all, if it were working, you wouldn’t be reading this article! It is time to give up the chemical treatments and to use remedies that will actually get rid of it for good. This means switching to natural means to clean and condition your hair.

You can find high-quality organic and natural hair care products on the market that will help to restore the balance of your scalp health. Although they often cost a bit more than some of the other products you will find, you will notice a difference from the switch.

Look For Organic Hair Care Products

Remember that you don’t need to use a bunch of shampoo and conditioner in order to take care of your hair. Rather than using a bunch, find out how little you can use to get your hair clean. Focus the shampoo on your scalp, not your hair.

When you condition, make sure to focus on the hair shafts rather than the scalp. This is even more important if you are using a traditional kind of shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner can actually contribute to your dandruff problems.

Several times each week you should rinse your head and scalp with diluted vinegar. This will help to reset the pH balance of your scalp. As a result, you will notice less dandruff.

Oil Your Hair

Tea tree essential oil is an excellent product for staving off a wide range of microscopic organisms, including those that contribute to dandruff issues. You will need to dilute the oil in order to apply it to your scalp. Add ten to thirty drops into one ounce of shampoo. Leave it on for several minutes before rinsing. Follow with a diluted vinegar rinse and you will be well on your way to clearing up your dandruff.

It is important to realize that it will take a week or two for you to completely clear up the problem. The length of time will depend in large part on the extent of your dandruff and the amount of damage that has been done to the skin. However, these tips will help you to get it under control.


Dandruff is an embarrassing condition, but you don’t have to give into it. Quit brushing your shoulders off and checking yourself in the mirror before snapping a selfie. Start using these tips today for a healthier scalp and beautiful hair! See more at https://www.threesquaressoil.com/organic-hair-oil/