How And What Is Rose Gold Made Of?

//How And What Is Rose Gold Made Of?

If you have ever wondered why certain gold is white colored, rose colored or in some cases even blue, green or red. The reason for the color has nothing to do with the gold itself, but rather the metals that it has been mixed with.

Gold is a pure element, comes out of the earth in a yellow color and is given the name “24kt” for pure gold. When using gold for the purposes of jewelry it will always be mixed with one or more metals to provide the gold with strength. The combination of these other metals is known as an “alloy”. The level of alloy that is combined with the gold will be revealed in the form of the karat of a resulting mixture. Due to the fact that gold is always alloyed in a standardized measurement, we know gold in the form of its “karat”.

Here are examples of different karats:

• 10k gold is made up of 10 parts of gold to 14 parts of alloy which means it contains 42% pure gold

• 14k gold is made up of 14 parts of gold to 10 parts of alloy which means it contains 58% pure gold

• 18k gold contains 18 parts of gold to 6 parts of alloy which means it contains 75% pure gold

• 22k gold contains 22 parts of gold to 2 parts of alloy which means it contains 91.6% pure gold

It is the alloys present in gold that hold the responsibility of strengthening the gold but are also utilized to change the gold’s color. When it comes to alloying 22k gold there is such a small amount of alloy present that it becomes difficult to alter or change the yellow color, which means this gold is usually always a shade of light or darker yellow.

Once the alloy amount has been raised to 25%, like in 18k gold, the alloy metals can be combined with different metals in order to create various colors that are seen in jewelry pieces.
The yellow gold present in all karats will be alloyed with various combinations of zinc, silver and copper. These metals will not alter the yellow gold color when they are used together.

Rose gold achieves its color from gold that is alloyed with only copper. The combination of the copper and yellow colors is what results in a peachy warm rose color which is often referred to as pink or Rose gold.

Typically, the lower karats of the Rose gold pieces will contain higher amounts of copper. The Rose gold pieces that have a lower purity will usually appear redder. The Rose gold in the higher karats will usually feature a pinkish, lighter color.

What Is Crown Gold

The 22-karat Rose gold is less commonly known as Crown gold. This gold contains 91.7% gold and was the precious metal used in previous years to make some of the coins in England. The 22-karat is regarded as the highest of the purities you are able to achieve with Rose gold. The 24-karat gold which is the highest purity is free from any added metals.

What Is Defined As Pure Rose Gold

There are some people that are known for using the term “Pure Rose Gold”, but in fact this is not true because Rose Gold always contains an alloy. If gold contains an alloy then it is not considered to be pure. In fact, the purer that the alloy is when it comes to the gold content, the less the gold will be a rose color as the copper content is lower.

Tips About Buying Rose Gold

When making the choice to buy Rose Gold jewelry it become important to consider the karat. The purer of the Rose Gold pieces are softer. So even though the redder of the gold pieces may be less pure, they are more durable and harder. It is recommended to choose the lower karats if you plan to wear the jewelry often. For pieces of jewelry that you only plan to wear on special occasions or when you prefer the lighter and pinkish tones of Rose Gold then it is a better choice to choose the higher karats. Let’s find more information at