R 22 Refrigerant Phase Out Timeline

//R 22 Refrigerant Phase Out Timeline

R 22 refrigerant is one of the most popular coolants used in HVAC units and refrigerators across the globe. The HVAC compatibility and energy efficiency of the substance are quite advantageous to the HVAC and refrigeration industry compared to other refrigerants on the market. That is why it is so popular in the industry. But studies conducted in the early 1990s have revealed that R 22 refrigerant harms the ozone layer of the planet. Hence, the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA decided to phase out the substance from common use. This article provides information on the timeline for phasing out R22 refrigerant.

Uses of R22

. January 1st, 2010 – The EPA decifded to enforce a complete ban on producing and importing R22 to the United States by this date. But there is an exception for the use of R22 for ongoing maintenance and repair work of existing HVAC equipment.

. January 1st, 2015 – The EPA will enforce a ban on the sale and use of R22 from this date. No new equipment will be manufactured with R22 as its refrigerant. Any new equipment that is manufactured after this date should use an alternative, eco-friendly refrigerant such as R410A.

. January 1st, 2020 – By this date, R22 will be completely banned from being used in new equipment as well as for maintenance and repair purposes.

Maintenance and Repair

After the 1st of January 2020, no HVAC unit will get the opportunity to use R22 – even for maintenance and repair purposes. You may have to rely on the existing equipment to operate without any faults. In case there is an R22 leak, you may have to replace the entire system with a new energy-efficient unit or replace the R22 in the existing unit with an alternative gas such as R410A. Both these options will cost you money. But the second option might be a bit cheaper than the first one. You will have to convert the existing HVAC unit to one that uses an alternative gas instead of R22. For this purpose, it is essential that you replace the compressor and coil of the unit with R410A compatible compressors and coils.

At present, the demand for R22 is quite high. In fact, suppliers who have stocked up R22 are charging exorbitant prices for the refrigerant today. They are taking advantage of the supply and demand situation created by the phasing out of R22. Although there are a number of alternative refrigerants to R22, the latter is still considered superior to some of these alternatives. That is because of the energy efficiency and HVAC compatibility qualities of R22. But there is a new high-quality refrigerant on the market called Bluon TdX 20 – which is one of the best alternative products out there. You should take advantage of the rebate given by the government for individuals who decide to replace their existing HVAC systems with new energy-efficient units that make use of an alternative refrigerant such as TdX 20 refrigerant. Make sure you replace the existing HVAC unit with a new one without further delay.