The Top Ten Birding Destinations In Costa Rica

//The Top Ten Birding Destinations In Costa Rica

If you are the type of person that likes to go birding, Costa Rica is certainly a place you need to visit. It is considered by many people to be one of the top destinations for unique and beautiful birds that you can see throughout the world. Although the size of the contract is roughly the same as West Virginia in the United States, it contains multiple life zones and hundreds of different species of birds. There are certain destinations that will have an incredible number of birds that you can see in a very small area. Here are the top 10 birding destinations in Costa Rica that you need to visit if you would like to have this experience.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Considered by many in Costa Rica to be one of the greatest natural wonders in the world, 90% of this location has not been visited by man. There are 400 different types of birds that are there, and when you take an early morning tour, you can see a substantial number of them.

Carara National Park

Located at the central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, this is another location where birdwatchers love to visit. It’s going to be a little bit drier than the previous location, but the lack of evergreens makes it easier to see the birds. However, even if it did, the bright colors of the many different birds including the Scarlet macaw are very easy to see.

Rancho Naturalista

This is another location that must visit if you travel to Costa Rica this year. It has more than 450 species of birds that can be seen throughout the area. Not only are there macaws, but you can also see hummingbirds in several different types of birds including the Ornate Hawk-eagle.

Santa Juana

Whether you are in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, or up a little more north, you can stay at this location at the lodge and get to see the many beautiful birds. They originate from the Talamanca Mountains, and if you moved to the higher elevations, this is where you will see most of them.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Considered to be one of the most biodiverse locations in Costa Rica, it is also an extremely beautiful park. It gives you access to many things including beaches, mountains, and a rain forest. Some people will actually travel to this one location before any of the others. There are birding tours that you can go on which will show you the many different species that are commonly flying around.

Five Of The Places You Should Visit

A few of the other places that you need to visit include the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Osa Peninsula, Cano Negro, Palo Verde National Park and the La Selva Biological Station. All of these are going to have unique birds that you can see with your camera, or even close up, giving you a very unique experience.

For those that have never been birding before, Costa Rica is a go to location. There are few places in the world that can provide you with this much diversity. You will see incredibly beautiful birds, of all different types, flying around in this unique location. It is going to motivate you to come back to do additional birding once you have spent a few days, or even a few weeks, in Costa Rica. Click here for details.